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Cultivating Innovation

Transforming agriculture and the lives of farmers with intelligent and contextual assistance combining traditional, modern and scientific agricultural knowledge.

Knowledge based 

Easy to use & contextual

Community powered

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Releasing AgroNeuBot

Introducing AgroNeuBot – your new AI partner in farming! With a user-friendly interface accessible from any device, AgroNeuBot provides expert support in farming practices, crop management, and pest control. Engage in natural conversations and get AI-driven insights tailored just for your farm. 

With the right Approach, Great Things Can Happen

In collaboration with local authorities, we embrace a participatory approach, actively engaging farmers to raise awareness about the transformative potential of incorporating AI in their agricultural practices. Together, we empower them with the knowledge and tools needed for sustainable and technology-enhanced farming.



NeuBiom Labs focuses on crafting user-friendly tools for sustainable farming through data collection and smart automation. Prioritizing end-users with a user-centric approach, we actively engage students in our research through onsite work, internships, and by providing part/full-time employment opportunities, academically supported by national and international researchers and institutions.

Agricultural Knowledge Base

We've curated an extensive and organized digital repository of agricultural knowledge specific to Kerala. But it doesn't stop there – it's a dynamic resource, continually evolving as we aggregate data from our cutting-edge data collection tools.

Tools focused on the Ground Level

Crafting farmer-centric applications and tools in local languages, we empower grassroots agriculture with essential tools for efficiency and growth in every field.

Comprehensive Data Collection Methodologies

Efficient data gathering made simple with our user-centric approach. We employ user-friendly applications for comprehensive data collection methodologies, ensuring accuracy and ease of use.

Smart Automation Tools

Seamless automation with intelligence. Deploying sensor networks for data collection, our smart tools optimize processes, enhancing efficiency and precision.


Kerala's First Agricultural Ontology and Knowledge Graph

Launching in mid-2024, access an extensive digitized compilation of Kerala's scientific and traditional agricultural wisdom, available comprehensively online.

API Access

Constantly updated

Community powered

Prioritising Sustainability 

Our vision is to revolutionize the agricultural landscape one step at a time, by harnessing the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) research and digitized agricultural knowledge, all while leveraging the principles set forth by critical global Sustainable Development Goals.

SDG 12
SDG 13

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